[WikiEN-l] my week ban - which is now an indefinate ban again

Andrew Norman andrew at ajnorman.org
Wed May 24 18:47:00 UTC 2006

Philip Welch wrote:
> There are countless administrators on the listserv already. If we  
> need to find a consensus among admins, we don't need to go to AN  
> because we've already established it here.

I think it still needs to be put on Wikipedia, for users (including, I 
have no doubt, some admins) who don't subscribe to the mailing list. 
It's always better to make these things as open as possible, so nobody 
can complain that the secret cabal is claiming yet another innocent 
victim.  I'm not trying to make community bans more difficult - I'm 
actually of the opinion that they ought to be used far more often.

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