[WikiEN-l] Proposal: limited extension of semi-protection policy

Bryan Derksen bryan.derksen at shaw.ca
Wed May 24 16:40:32 UTC 2006

Katefan0 wrote:
> As someone who regularly polices RFP, I am pretty strict on what I
> semiprotect and what I don't.  But I must say, that rigor aside, I
> very much like the idea of semiprotecting living people's articles as
> a matter of course.  Accountability skyrockets when someone has to
> register for an account to edit.

Only if the editor doesn't actually understand the system. If the guy
who messed with the Siegenthaler article had logged in with a disposable
account before he'd done it rather than making an "anonymous" edit that
permanently recorded his IP address for all the world to see he'd have
got away with it scott-free rather than losing his job.

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