[WikiEN-l] Oddest form of wiki identity theft I've seen...

Sam (Asbestos) asbestos999 at gmail.com
Wed May 24 12:06:52 UTC 2006

I happened to be glancing down the [[Wikipedia:Facebook]] when, to my great
surprise, I found my own face.

It seems that [[User:Vizcarra]] borrowed the photo I made for [[Making a
Face]], [[Image:MakingAFace.jpg]], cut out half of it and made [[Image:
DavidVizcarra.jpg]], giving it the caption "My picture, taken by myself with
the use of a webcam."

I'm not remotely mad, rather I think this is hillarious. Also rather
flattering. What do you think would be the best way to broach the subject
with him? ("Excuse me, but you look familiar. Are we related?")


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