[WikiEN-l] for slimline and the reference to harold shipman

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed May 24 08:37:44 UTC 2006

abu hamza wrote:

>well lets get ther record straight.
>The harold shipman page already stated he was jewish, well before i came 
>along. I put it back in, after it was removed with no explanation (first 
>time).  I didn't add it.
>It was then removed repeatedly.
>the few references that are available (not usable in wikipedia) such as 
>letters to newspapers on websites ( i have given the link here already) 
>state he was jewish as his mother was a jewish asylum seeker.
>Whether it should be included on his page is debatable, because you would 
>then have to go through all the pages where criminal and muslim are put 
>together and ban the editor of that page indefinately.
>Thankfully there is NO WIKIPEDIA policy that states this is grounds for an 
>indefinate ban???
>The issue here was not my obsession with putting it back in, but someones 
>obsession with taking it out.
Why is showing Shipman's religion relevant or important?


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