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abu hamza abuhamza1970 at hotmail.com
Wed May 24 07:21:18 UTC 2006

well lets get ther record straight.
The harold shipman page already stated he was jewish, well before i came 
along. I put it back in, after it was removed with no explanation (first 
time).  I didn't add it.
It was then removed repeatedly.
the few references that are available (not usable in wikipedia) such as 
letters to newspapers on websites ( i have given the link here already) 
state he was jewish as his mother was a jewish asylum seeker.
Whether it should be included on his page is debatable, because you would 
then have to go through all the pages where criminal and muslim are put 
together and ban the editor of that page indefinately.

Thankfully there is NO WIKIPEDIA policy that states this is grounds for an 
indefinate ban???

The issue here was not my obsession with putting it back in, but someones 
obsession with taking it out.

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>Anyone thinking about whether the indefinite block of Abu Hamza is
>justified ought to consider (apart from the various policy violations)
>his determination to add to the introduction of [[Harold Shipman]]
>that he was a *Jewish* British serial killer. It's not just that there
>are no reliable sources for this. It's the obsession with trying to
>add an entirely non-notable reference to a person's ethnicity in order
>to make that ethnicity look bad.
>We regularly have anons turn up at [[Ron Karenga]], the founder of the
>African-American holiday [[Kwaanza]], who try to describe him in the
>first sentence as a "convicted felon,"
>and they do it because he's black and they're racists. That makes them
>useless Wikipedians, not because they're racist, because no one cares
>if they keep it to themselves, but because they're not willing to be
>Wikipedians. I could give scores of examples of the persistent
>addition of racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynist slurs
>designed to make a person look bad, or to make Islam look terroristic
>or Judaism fascist.
>That kind of editing is the polar opposite of what it is to be a
>Wikipedian. In Abu Hamza's case, it's compounded by the sockpuppetry
>and the deceit about it, the reverting, the bad use of sources, and so
>on. But it's the lack of even the most basic grasp of what it is to be
>a Wikipedian that makes me support an indefinite block.
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