[WikiEN-l] Cydes indefinite blocks

Ben McIlwain cydeweys at gmail.com
Tue May 23 21:46:50 UTC 2006

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Raphael Wegmann wrote:
> Hello,
> please take a look at
> [[WP:RFCU#Rgulerdem]]
> Azate files a checkuser request, where he mostly complains
> about comments from Mokotok and Light&Truth. Even before
> the alleged "Sock-puppets" get checkuser tested, Cyde blocks
> Regulerdem for "exhausting community patience" and the
> other editors for being his "Sock-puppets".

This is quite simply a lie.  I blocked him AFTER the checkuser evidence.
 A simple examination of the logs will confirm this.

> Please take a look at Regulerdems contributions as you
> will clearly see, that he didn't utter a single rude word
> instead he is exceptionally friendly.

You're right, Rgulerdem was being "friendly" ... because all of his
traditional malice and attacks were being carried out by his two

The bottom line is, Rgulerdem has very thoroughly exhausted the
community's patience.  He was indef-blocked before and was unblocked
only on very strict conditions regarding his behavior.  Guess what,
running two sockpuppets to make tendentious edits very flagrantly
violates those conditions allowing for the reinstatement of his
indefinite block.  He's already worn out his one chance of reforming -
this time it's permanent.

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