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Sean Barrett sean at epoptic.com
Mon May 22 19:55:17 UTC 2006

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Stan Shebs stated for the record:

> For instance, if my wife takes a picture of me, I ask her to
> release it under GFDL so it can be on WP and she agrees, I can
> legitimately do the uploading and GFDL-tagging myself, crediting
> her as photographer. We do take it on a certain amount of faith
> that I'm representing the situation truthfully, but given that the
> GFDL requires that the creator of the work be identified, a skeptic
> would in theory have enough info to contact her directly and
> confirm the license.

California being a community-property state, my wife and I own each
other's copyrights and freely use (and license) each other's work.

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