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Dan Rosenthal swatjester at gmail.com
Sun May 21 19:41:46 UTC 2006

I'm sorry Prasad, I never said I identify with SPC. England: In fact, I
condemn her actions as strongly as possible. I do think it is shameful for
users to refer to US soldiers with disrespect: I also feel it's shameful for
people to refer to ANY soldiers with disrespect. I believe the Bushido code,
the Way of the Warrior is alive and well amongst soldiers. As for your side
note, you're entitled to your beliefs.


On 5/21/06, Prasad J <prasad59 at gmail.com> wrote:
> You find the username Abu Hamza offensive, tomorrow if someone adopts
> the pseudonym Lynddie England, then what will your reaction be? Just
> like some Muslims support Hamza, there are Americans (I have met these
> people on the internet) who condone what England did to POWs in Abu
> Ghraib. If a situation arises where a user identifies with a sadist
> like Lyndie, will the Community react in such a strong manner.
> Especially you Mr. Rosenthal-I have noticed that you have implied on a
> certain occassion that it was "freakin shameful"  for users to refer
> to U.S soldiers with disrespect. On a side-note let me make it clear
> to you that I do NOT respect American soldiers and personally think of
> them as a band of glorified mercenaries and you do not have any
> authority whatsoever to refer to my opinion as "shamegul". Perhaps you
> are accustomed to violating the human-rights of Iraqi POWs, but you
> cannot do the same to me especially since I am not a U.S citizen and
> hence owe no loyalty to the American military.
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