[WikiEN-l] Proposal: limited extension of semi-protection policy

Sue Anne Reed sreed1234 at yahoo.com
Sun May 21 00:30:40 UTC 2006

> I have to disagree with you here. Wikipedia is famous as the
> Encyclopedia "anyone can edit". If a random anon sees a page and tries
> to edit it, and cannot (while the main page still proclaims how
> everyone can edit), they are going to be dreadfully confused- lord
> knows enough are confused by the basic idea without adding on a second
> level of possible confusion. Perhaps two templates: the scary one for
> temporary semiprotection, and another, more discreet one for the more
> permanent ones?

Given how many web sites require registration these days, I don't feel 
there's a conflict between saying "anyone can edit" but you have to be 
registered to edit to certain articles. It's not like we're saying that 
only certain registered can edit, we would just be saying to you have to 
register to edit.

Sue Anne

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