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Sat May 20 23:00:10 UTC 2006

In message <D9BCB5E9-F76A-401E-830B-3EDB22236C87 at philwelch.net>, Philip 
Welch <wikipedia-RE/bwZxTIQaLZ21kGMrzwg at public.gmane.org> writes
>On May 20, 2006, at 2:13 AM, abu hamza wrote:
>> hi Philip,
>> like i said, the few references we have on shipmans background
>> claim him to
>> be jewish
>Those references are *not reliable*.  It's unacceptable to put
>unreliable information in the wiki, period.
>If it was reliably established that he was Jewish, there would be no
>problem. Since it isn't reliably established, reporting that he was
>Jewish, or that he might be Jewish, constitutes anti-Semitism.
>Why are you so hell-bent on making this poorly-supported case that he
>is Jewish, anyway?

Indeed, I live in the same TV broadcast area as Hyde, where Shipman 
committed his murders, so it was BIG news locally - and as far as I can 
recall Shipman's religious affiliation if any was NEVER mentioned in the 
exhaustive reporting of his crimes, the trial, and the public enquiry. 
It simply was completely irrelevant to the commission of his crimes and 
anyone seeking to introduce this religious/ethnic characterisation into 
his article should be required to prove relevance as well as 
incontrovertible prove the truth of the assertion with high-quality 

Arwel Parry

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