[WikiEN-l] Getting rid of bad fair use

Bryan Derksen bryan.derksen at shaw.ca
Sat May 20 18:10:23 UTC 2006

Ray Saintonge wrote:
> geni wrote:
>> In any case we have located the original high res version:
>> http://animalpicturesarchive.com/animal/ViewImg.cgi?img=a7/Snowy_Owl_Nyctea_scandiaca_005-by_John_White.jpg
>> We link to it in the article.
> It's an ugly picture.  I'm sure we could find better.

It wouldn't be useful in the [[O RLY?]] article, though, because O RLY
was based on that specific image and not any other. Someone else already
tried making a replacement using a public domain owl image and I removed
it from the article because IMO it was downright deceptive to include it
there. Better to have nothing.

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