[WikiEN-l] Unfree content is our mission? (was:Getting rid of bad fair use)

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On 5/20/06, jkelly at fas.harvard.edu <jkelly at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
>   Maru,
>   So de: is off-mission?  Someone should probably let the foundation know
> that
> de: is doing such a poor job.
>                               Jkelly
> Quoting maru dubshinki <marudubshinki at gmail.com>:
> > fair use is
> > inevitably part of our mission. There are entire sectors of articles
> > where fair use is necessary, as the copyright holders will definitely
> > not release the images under a decent license,
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How do we know? Have we asked the copyright holders?

Quite often, it would be in the interests of the copyright holder to provide
images given that Wikipedia articles on popular topics are widely read. Of
course, it might depend on the fairness of our article on the relevant area.

The use of so-called fair use images is often done without either seeing if
we can obtain images through the public domain, making images ourselves or
contracting the copyright holder and seeing if they are willing to provide
images. It is often adopted as the easy option by editors without
consideration of the alternatives, the ramifications of that option or its
legal basis although copyright law can be quite complex.


Keith Old

Keith Old
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