[WikiEN-l] Unblock request

abu hamza abuhamza1970 at hotmail.com
Fri May 19 08:34:23 UTC 2006

my wiki name is saladin1970. I joined just 3 days but find myself banned.

i was banned by Jayjg . He cited the following reasons

1) 3RR rule
2) No useful edits
3) Copyright violoations
4) attacks on talk pages

They all seem very serious. yet when we look into each of the reasons, they 
really have no substance.

1) I have two pc's one is shared at work - hence the same ip address and 
the othe is my home pc. I only reverted 3 times, as did my collegue at work.

2) I have made many contributions, including a section on moors in the 
spanish inquisition, additions to the islam in china section, background 
info on harold shipman and contributions to alan harts page and zionism 
page, and turkic.

3) There have been NO copyright violations. Every post was referenced to a 
website or to a book. All of whom allow references to as part of their  
copyright. So there was NO copy right violation

4) there were no personal attacks on talk pages. The worst that could be 
said was that i called someone a 'zionist'.

Clearly there is something more to this than the above, as these at best are 
minor violations that would carry warnings.

however I contend that this blocking falls under the "not advised to block 

my posts in the zionism forum have illicited strong responses . Including 
the person that banned me jayjg.  These posts included
a) a section on the talmudic three oaths - which is the reason behind 
orthodox jews who oppose political zionism.  This was reverted many times by 
jayjg amongst others

also i added a further reading section book entitled "zionism the enemy of 
the jews by alan hart",
who was a itv corrospondent during the 80's. His book is well researched 
'historical and political' of the lead up to the creation of israel.

Given that Jayjg was part of this debate, i can see no other reason for my 
ban (as the reasons given are spurious) other than to eliminate a user who 
has a different view of zionism.

for this reason i am asking a moderator to look at the material posted by 
me, and make a fair decisions as to whether i should be banned indefinately
thanks saladin

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