[WikiEN-l] New Post. It's time for the admins to explain their behavior

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Thu May 18 12:22:01 UTC 2006

New Post. It's time for the admins to explain their behavior

I Maggie user:thewolfstar got blocked indefinitely for:

1.) telling RyanFriesling to wipe the snot off of his shirt, etc,
    while he taunted my friend Merecat. (taunting is not allowed
    by wiki ettiqutee policy Ryan didn't get no punishment.)

2.) for not making enough main page edits, which rule doesn't exist.
     And it's not true. KINDLY  LOOK THIS TIME

Harish Ganesan said:
And also I have already discussed ENOUGH on the
discussion pages for Steve Nash and nobody can reply
to what I wrote. If I DISCUSS it and nobody can reply
or make a good reason why not to include something IN
MY OPINION, then it stays right??? These are all FACTS

On May 17, 2006, at 6:33 PM, Earthhope Action Network wrote:

My response remains the same. See the above post by Harish Ganesan.
My experience is the same as his. I've explained my behavior many times.
No one listens. Over and over and noone listens.

It's time for the admins to explain their behavior. I saw unfairness and
to it. I saw ugliness (in rfc's and in admin noticeboards, in harassment
of dissenting editors and on and on. It's you and  the admins that won't
admit that they are doing terrible wrongs to me and to many other editors.
I have made good contributions to articles. Because you or they say I
doesn't make it so. There is no rule that says you have to make a
ratio of article edits to talk page edits. If there is show me the rule.

A.T.FQ. Swatjester is a nasty unpopular editor who goes aroung looking for
trouble. He was part of the decision to block me indeginitely. So was
BunchofGrapes even saw this and told Swatjester how he is a troublemaker.
has been showing herself, as you do now, to be a tyrant. (The edit ratio
bullshit.) Show me
the policy. Bishonen should never have become an admin. and on and on and
Show me it's okay for Geogre to call children turds. And show me how it's
okay for
Bishonen to call my language obscene while she listens to her friend Geogre
children turds.

Again I say, "All you just proved was your unwillingness to see anything but
what the
group of nasty admins and others like the depraved SwatJester. I don't have
to listen to your insults any more than you have to listen to mine.This goes
for any
of you admins. The difference between you and me is that I would never
advocate punitive
actions to soothe my wounded feelings. You would and do. Also editors are
terrified to speak their mind, the ones that would defend me for fear of the
axe coming down on them next. Corbin Simpson did speak up for me. He was
lucky they didn't block him." The reason Merecat didn't say anything was, he
around to say anything. Others are walking around on eggs afraid to push the
to far lest they get banned, too.

Please see the rfa oppose section on Swatjester's rfc
Either that or you are just another example of one who is susceptible to
groupthink which is no thought at all. BTW is it okay for admins to refer to
kids as turds? Do you think? Do you listen to anyone other than the mob?

Bishonen told me my remarks to an editor John Kinney were obscene, the
(beginning or our personal and mutual dislike.) Here is Geogre calling
children turds (to Bishonen)

+:Oh, and for comparison, see the history tab on Attalus I. It has been
vandalized even more than yours was. I think, when it's an interesting
story, the turds vandalize it less. The 11 year olds ''clearly'' don't like
Attalus I. ("You must be this tall to ride the Wikipedia.")
[[User:Geogre|Geogre]] 21:06, 25 April 2006 (UTC)

I could go on and on here , but rather than waste my time.. How about this
atfq if you would just answer the fucking question(s).

> Erik Moeller said: RfC, ArbCom, mediation, etc. - makes it all work.
 I'm stillt wondering. I am an editor, who has been blocked indefinitely
from editing on Wikipedia and never had any RfC, ArbCom, mediation, or any
dispute resolution at all. Never.
Just wondering why this was. And also wondering why my unblock request was
removed. Will you please just answer these  questions. Your answer to
unblock request move and the entire process didn't cut it I'm afraid. Policy
is being broken. I Never had Any Mediation or Any dispute Resolution. Every
single thing the admins did was done in direct violation of Wikipedia Policy

I've been here for two years. So have many of the people on this
list. I think we know Wikipedia policy better than you.

That's interesting. If you know the policy better than I do, then why don't
follow it?

You speak from ignorance. Don't include me in your list of "power-hungry
admins". I'm Skyring - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Skyring - and let
me tell you, when it comes to injustice here, it comes right from the top.
Deal with it.

-- Peter in Canberra
  I apologize Peter. There are many new names and I often get people mixed
I thought you were an admin. I am really sorry about your situation, too.
http://earthhopenetwork.net  Maggiethewolfstar

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