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On May 17, 2006, at 6:33 PM, Earthhope Action Network wrote:

All you just proved was your unwillingness to see anything but what the
group of nasty admins and others like the depraved SwatJester. I don't have
to listen to your insults any more than you have to listen to mine. The
difference between you and me is that I would never advocate punitive
actions to soothe my wounded feelings. You would and do. Also editors are
terrified to speak their mind, the ones that would defend me for fear of the
axe coming down on them next. Corbin Simpson did speak up for me. He was
lucky they didn't block him.  Please see the rfa oppose section on
Swatjester's rfc
Either that or you are just another example of one who is susceptible to
groupthink which is no thought at all. BTW is it okay for admins to refer to
kids as turds?

Bishonen told me my remarks to an editor John Kinney were obscene, the
(beginning or our personal and mutual dislike.) Here is Geogre calling
children turds (to Bishonen)

+:Oh, and for comparison, see the history tab on Attalus I. It has been
vandalized even more than yours was. I think, when it's an interesting
story, the turds vandalize it less. The 11 year olds ''clearly'' don't like
Attalus I. ("You must be this tall to ride the Wikipedia.")
[[User:Geogre|Geogre]] 21:06, 25 April 2006 (UTC)

I could go on and on here , but rather than waste my time.. How about this
atfq if you would just answer the fucking question(s).

> Erik Moeller said: RfC, ArbCom, mediation, etc. - makes it all work.
 I'm stillt wondering. I am an editor, who has been blocked indefinitely
from editing on Wikipedia and never had any RfC, ArbCom, mediation, or any
dispute resolution at all. Never.
Just wondering why this was. And also wondering why my unblock request was
removed. Will you please just answer these  questions. Your answer to
unblock request move and the entire process didn't cut it I'm afraid. Policy
is being broken. I Never had Any Mediation or Any dispute Resolution. Every
single thing the admins did was done in direct violation of Wikipedia Policy

I've been here for two years. So have many of the people on this
list. I think we know Wikipedia policy better than you.


That's interesting. If you know the policy better than I do, then why don't
you follow it?
-----in peace and justice for the wildthings Margie Laupheimer

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