[WikiEN-l] Deletion before discussion

Katie (keitei) katiefromuncyc at gmail.com
Wed May 17 18:30:44 UTC 2006

I'm not one to post to the mailing list complaining, but I've just
been informed by my fellow Uncyclopedians that the Uncyclopedia logo
has been removed from hundreds of userpages by
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Ed_g2s. I understand why supposed
"fair use" images are not allowed on userpages and I do not wish to
contest that. However, the copyright holder did not upload the image,
and furthermore, "I'd like to allow the logo to be used for Wikipedia
userpages, userboxes, etc. - in other words, as "decoration" for
Wikipedians." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Ed_g2s#Uncyclopedia_logo)

I'm not saying this is an ideal situation and Ed g2s was wildly out of
control. It's true that Rc hasn't edited the image description page
describing the fair use rationale, but removing it without saying boo
to anyone and then demanding that he relicense it under a "free
license" is unfair to him. I think this could've been avoided if those
removing fair use images were less lazy and thought to look at who the
copyright holder might be. The description page gives a link to the
description page at Uncyclopedia, where the uploader is clearly
displayed. Furthermore, Uncyclopedia is a wiki and it's not that hard
to contact said uploader and ask what the logo may be used for.

However, what's done is done, but I'd like this to be sorted out. As
far as I know, if the copyright holder explicitly says that the image
may be used on userpages and userboxes, then WP:FUC shouldn't apply
(in that area). I don't wish to force Rc to relicense the image,
although it seems to me that if he had been uploading the image, he
might have stated the license differently. Once this is explicitly
stated or whatever needs doing, someone needs to re-add all the images
that were removed.

My only point is that this whole mess could have been avoided if there
had been a little discussion involved and involving the copyright
holder only /after/ all is said and done is very unwise.

Thank you for your time and for reading this.


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