[WikiEN-l] Unblock request (Re: 7. Re: Zero information is preferred to misleading or false)

Steve Bennett stevage at gmail.com
Wed May 17 09:44:25 UTC 2006

On 5/17/06, Earthhope Action Network <contact at earthhopenetwork.net> wrote:
> Erik Moeller said: RfC, ArbCom, mediation, etc. - makes it all work.
> I'm just wondering. I am an editor, who. while never accused of lousy
> writing, has been blocked indefinitely from editing on Wikipedia and never
> had any RfC, ArbCom, mediation, or any dispute resolution at all. Never.
> Just wondering why this was. And also wondering why my unblock request was
> removed, and why my last blocker BunchofGrapes blocked my email so that I
> cannot contact him. User:thewolfstar in peace and justice for the wildthings,


Whee. I think "lousy writing" would be a preferable sin to commit than
apparently what you've been up to. Pleading ignorance on this list is
also poor form.


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