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> On 5/16/06, Peter Mackay <peter.mackay at bigpond.com> wrote:
> > Believe it or not, there are some folk around who don't
> > know if Hamlet becomes King of Denmark or if Romeo gets the 
> girl, and 
> > maybe they want to know a bit about the historical and publishing 
> > background before they read a novel or see a play.
> I just looked at [[Romeo and Juliet]], and it's even worse.  
> The spoiler warning comes after only two lines of text, and 
> the first section (where the warning is) is called "Plot", 
> and so it obvious contains details of the plot.
> Then again, the section entitled "Farce" also contains a 
> spoiler, and doesn't have a warning (I guess once you have 
> one everything below that is fair game?).

That would be my reading of it. I suppose we could have the plot details
right at the end of the article...

But on looking at the template itself, it's not that bad. Can't you just
grit your teeth?

There's lots about WP that annoys me, but I find my life is less stressful
if I just ignore the small stuff and enjoy the good bits.

Like having one of my photographs selected to illustrate a day of the year.
[[Wikipedia:Selected anniversaries/February 23]] - I stood out in the cold
for about ten minutes before I got the curl of the flag just right, and I'm
proud of that small detail, even if my ungloved hands still give me twinges
of pain each year on that day...

Peter in Canberra

Peter in Canberra

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