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Molu wrote:
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> On Mon, 15 May 2006 11:02:46 -0400. Jimmy Wales wrote:
>> I have no idea why anyone is talking about decrees. CSD T1 is
>> normal policy, created and confirmed in the normal way. It is a
>> very simple natural extension of all our other policies which,
>> despite our ongoing tolerance of people trolling on the mailing
>> list, *ahem*, have always urged people in no uncertain terms not to
>> be divisive and inflammatory.
> Mr. Wales,
> The debate is not over whether editors should be inflammatory and
> divisive, but over whether expressing personal opinions and
> (recently) making jokes in the user's own userpage that no one is
> required to read using pages residing in the Template: namespace is a
> valid example of behaving in a divisive and inflammatory manner.

It is.


Because you've created a new page purely for the purpose of inserting
some junk onto the userpage associated with your username, and are
encouraging others to do likewise.

> I think George W. Bush is a criminal, if you feel offended by that
> then by all means stay off my userpage, why do you have to go delete 
> templates?

Templates are *designed* for the insertion of commonly-used pieces of
wikitext. If you think that personal opinions are a valid use of
templates, you're on the wrong site.

> Templates are obviously no more official than userpages 
> since any person can create either.

Userpages aren't used in articles; templates are.

> What's more, some admins even speedy userboxes in the userpage as
> recreations of deleted content and this has been supported by ArbCom
> 8-1 or 9-0 (can't remember which) in a famous userbox hearing. So the
> matter is not even whether one can express personal opinions in
> template space, but also whether one can express personal opinions in
> user space.

I find your ideas intriguing and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

> No one is debating whether editors should be divisive and
> inflammatory, don't make it appear so.

At any rate, they shouldn't.

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