[WikiEN-l] Tearing down the Chinese Firewall

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun May 14 21:36:23 UTC 2006

Prasad J wrote:

>Although I agree with you guys that these censorship laws are unfair,
>I do believe that there are other organizations (like the U.N or the
>International Human Rights Commission) to deal with (what we consider)
>oppression. However not even the U.N has the authority to prevent
>people from being prosecuted for breaking laws which were legislated
>upon by elected Governments-in this case the Chinese Government.Again,
>let us note an important point-the present Government of China is an
>elected one, 
I must be missing something here.  I was looking for the Wikipedia 
article which gives detailed results of the last national election in 
China.  People interested in such things are usually pretty quick at 
adding this kind of information.  Maybe it's not linked properly?  Could 
you provide a link to the article that contains these results?

>it is not a military junta or a dictatorship so it will
>be rather difficult for us to actually prove that they are suppressing
>the Chinese in the manner in which (for example) the North Korean
>Government oppresses its people.The Chinese government is receiving
>some flak from the international community as a result of these
>policies, however as the Chinese Government has pointed out-these are
>their internal affairs. Having said this, I do stand by my earlier
>statement that to aid Chinese citizens in their efforts to break the
>law of their land (even if the said law is unjust) is tantamount to
>abetting a crime.
Providing technical information is different from telling people what to 
do with it.


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