[WikiEN-l] OT (was Re: Are these userbox templates NPOV?)

Prasad J prasad59 at gmail.com
Fri May 12 18:08:58 UTC 2006

. The problem is not that Muslims are being shot in
> airports -- this is not occurring -- the problem is a larger one about
> perception, about international understanding, about the limits of
> security states. But all that gets lost when you exaggerate it into
> some sort of Nazi regime, which it is not. It is not great, but it is
> something a bit different.
> FF
Yes, Muslims are being shot at railway stations actually. However in
this case, it was not a Muslim at all, it was a Brazilian man who
looked like a Muslim on account of his brown skin. The London
Metropolitan Police however assumed that he was a Muslim and shot him
dead on the spot. Again the police were acting in the belief that
since he (in their judgement) was a Muslim, he was probably carrying a
bomb. This event occured shortly after 7/7. As for the "Nazi regime",
kindly take the time to observe how U.S Marines in Abu Ghraib are
dragging leashed Muslim men around the place like animals, are using
attack dogs to torment them, are electrocuting them, and are even
going so far as to make them form "naked pyramids". Now these
activities are eerily reminiscent of what Nazi S.S Guards did to Jews
in concentration camps. Admittedly, the Nazi atrocities occured on a
much larger scale but the pain and humiliation suffered by the victims
is the same. A U.S spokesperson responded by saying that the
atrocities were being looked into-but was quick to add that POWs are
"trained to fabricate accounts of abuse"- although that does not
explain the photographs of Ms.Lyndde England putting a leash around a
naked,cowering Iraqi's neck and dragging him in front of the camera.
As to complaints of  prisoners at Guatanamo Bay being put through some
sort of "sensory deprivation"(again notice the photographs of
prisoners being blindfolded,earmuffed,gagged,and face-masked) and
other innovative "interrogation techniques" the spokesperson chose to
remain silent. So you will forgive me if I draw a few parallels
between such atrocities and those committed by the Nazis (albeit,as I
said, on a much,much larger scale).

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