[WikiEN-l] OT (was Re: Are these userbox templates NPOV?)

Prasad J prasad59 at gmail.com
Fri May 12 04:12:19 UTC 2006

I was merely trying to highlight the blatant racism that not only all
Muslims-irrespective of educational qualification, social standing
etc., but also any Asian of Indo-Aryan descent (who looks like he
might be a Muslim) has to go through at U.S airports. I have so far
not heard of any Caucasian traveller who has to refer to security
personnel at these airports, however non-Caucasian Aryans are made to
address these guards as "Sir". As for Muslims, there is simply no end
to the amount of humiliation they are put through-including being
(discreetly) segregated into a different group ane mointored by
gun-toting police officers. Any attempt at resisting this bigotry will
result in the complaintant being promptly shot.The U.S security guards
have come to the conclusion that we (people of the Indo-Aryan race)
have no other purpose in life except to bomb America. As for Muslims
they (apparently), by virtue of their religion, have forfeited the
right to equality and dignity. Perhaps someone needs to alert the
International Commission on Human Rights about this new development?

PS-The ingenious system of identifying "potential terror threats"
simply by their skin-colour is in place elsewhere in the world in the
world too-including in Australia,NZ,UK ,Canada etc.

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