[WikiEN-l] NPOV majorities/minorities

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu May 11 14:25:03 UTC 2006

Cheney Shill wrote:

>I'm not, nor have I ever argued, that consensus should bypass policy.  I'm simply repeating the claim made by Fastfission and the majority of admins and users I've had contact with while editing that consensus is more important than policy.  Fastfission seemed to be paraphrasing the beginning of the consensus guideline that says "Wikipedia works by building consensus." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Consensus  I'm not sure when that was put in or if it was snuck in at some point, but given what the rest of the guideline states, not to mention policies, it's definitely taken out of context.  Maybe the fix is simply removing that sentence.  This view seems so prevalent, however, it probably wouldn't be taken seriously unless Jimmy himself emailed every admin with an attached photo of a clue bat.
>Anyway, I'm open to suggestions on how to solve it.~~~~Pro-Lick
In other words you would gut the policy by removing its most important 
feature.  Consensus guides the _proper application_ of policies, or more 
importantly principles.  While principles should remain fairly stable, 
policies should be more adaptable.


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