[WikiEN-l] How to become wiki-notable

Anthony DiPierro wikilegal at inbox.org
Thu May 11 11:35:27 UTC 2006

On 5/11/06, Steve Bennett <stevage at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sure, if I was born to Princess Di, I probably wouldn't have to do
> anything at all. But from where I am now, what's the shortest road to
> doing something worthy enough to get a whole article about me?

I'm sure the *shortest* road would involve something about you that we
don't know about.  For a reasonably intelligent person it's probably
not that hard if you're dedicated enough.  How hard depends a lot on
your field of expertise though.  If your field of expertise involves
creating popular geeky websites, for instance, joining the ranks of
[[Raph Levien]] and [[Rusty Foster]] probably isn't that hard.  If
your field is not as popular to Wikipedia admins, then you'd have to
work on this more in your spare time.


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