[WikiEN-l] (no subject)

Prasad J prasad59 at gmail.com
Wed May 10 17:50:38 UTC 2006

On 10/05/06, Harish Ganesan <kamehameha87 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> The blocking policy was violated. I wrote in trivia
> under Tony Banks (football player) that he is known
> for his etopps 2001 card, which is the highest priced
> in etopps history. Then user PS2pcGAMER just erased it
> and did not allow me to edit anymore. This is in no
> way a commercial thing. I was posting trivia, that is
> all. It is an interesting fact.
> What is your Wikipedia ID?For what duration are you blocked?You need to include relevant details for someone to check it out.

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