[WikiEN-l] How to become wiki-notable

Russell Blackford russellblackford at bigpond.com
Thu May 11 10:14:21 UTC 2006

Steve Bennett wrote:

> Sure, if I was born to Princess Di, I probably wouldn't have to do
> anything at all. But from where I am now, what's the shortest road to
> doing something worthy enough to get a whole article about me? For a
> verifiable source I would need to publish something, or be published
> about (hmm...I've been quoted in two academic papers, and wrote
> something for a published book). I'd probably need newspaper articles
> written about me.
> Trouble is, even if you invent or create something great, you'd
> probably only get an article about the thing - not about the
> creator/inventor. Maybe a world record would be the way to go.
> Hmmm....

Wikipedia has a systemic bias to do with anything to do with the media and 
entertainment (including professional sport). The easiest way, it seems, is 
to write some articles for a popular-ish magazine with a print run of 5000+. 
That isn't beyond the bounds of human possibility for anyone who has the 
skills to be a regular Wikipedia editor. Almost everyone I know over the age 
of 30 meets that criterion.

Somewhat harder, but still do-able, is to write some obscure and ephemeral 
novels that nonetheless appear in mass market paperback editions, with sales 
of over 5000.

Ironically, you can meet those criteria while not being considered notable 
for important articles in academic journals, or even important academic 
books, which commonly have print runs of less than 5000 but may end up 
having a lot more long-term, real-world impact.



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