[WikiEN-l] NPOV majorities/minorities

jf_wikipedia at mac.com jf_wikipedia at mac.com
Wed May 10 15:41:57 UTC 2006

On May 9, 2006, at 9:07 PM, Cheney Shill wrote:

> So your point is "social interaction".  Start a new email thread  
> with that subject and enjoy.  You won't have to "exhaust" yourself  
> for my social development because I won't be socially interacting  
> with it.  This email subject is very clearly about applying  
> existing policy and how consensus obstructs and interferes with  
> doing so.  I do appreciate you providing an interactive case  
> study.~~~~Pro-Lick

Is this an argument for the sake if argument? The explanations given  
by several editors is pretty clear, and I fail to understand what  
your point is. Can you succintly explain what is your concern and  
what is your proposal (if you have any) to ameliorate the situation?

-- Jossi

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