[WikiEN-l] Admins without validated e-mail addresses (was: RfAs)

Guillaume Paumier guillom.pom at gmail.com
Wed May 10 15:02:42 UTC 2006

As for myself, most of the time emails are sent from people who are
unfamiliar with our talk pages system, and for who it's simpler to send an
email. Most frequent email being : "Why have you deleted my article ?"

Emails are also used by regular editors/admins who simply don't want to
write some of their messages on my public talk page. This can happen during
edit wars or other conflicts.

Last but not least, I've received emails from blocked editors asking me to
unblock them because admin X had blocked them "unfairly".


On 5/10/06, Pete Bartlett <pcb21 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> >I (like to think I) have never gone around "contentiously banning
> >people", but I receive emails about Wikipedia all the time ... sometimes
> >even when I'm on wikibreak.
> >Perhaps I just have an open, inviting face?
> Out of interest, what sort of emails do you get?
> I get lots of emails because of Wikipedia - normally asking
> for hi-res versions of my photos - but that's independent
> of me being an admin.
> Pete
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