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> >>julieharding1 at charter.net stated for the record:
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> >>>Sean, you arrogant pig!  I probably have more intelligence in my pinky finger than you have in your entire brain.  Feminine intelligence is intimidating you guys.  Well, I think I'll stick around for a while longer now because of what Sean said and see if I can put some more pressure on your testes.  Maybe if I prove you up long enough I can get one of you guys to puke.
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> >>- -Julie
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> >>It's far more likely that we'll rupture something from laughing too hard.
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> > Now, now, Sean... Let's not get testy.
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> > ~maru
> Yeah, I know.  But I'm here to testify that dealing with boobs makes me
> ... cranky.
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You guys are hilarious!  Did you know that all of the emails that have been coming to me today, I've been editing?  All of you intelligent men spell like you're in the third grade.  If there are other women in here, don't tolerate thier behavior!  Putting up with boobs?  Many of you men are probably so fat from sitting around that you have your own boobs to contend with, so leave ours alone.  And I'm here to testify that a man's crotch is a lot like a nuclear reactor.  Bump it up against anything, and it's ready to go!  Now calm down boys.  Without titties in the world, you wouldn't be here.
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