[WikiEN-l] meshing (was: Re: AfD on unencyclopedic content)

julieharding1 at charter.net julieharding1 at charter.net
Fri May 5 21:43:58 UTC 2006

---- Pete Bartlett <pcb21 at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> >Wikitravel and Wikipedia have incompatible licenses?
> I am no expert but I believe the GFDL with clauses as used by Wikipedia
> and the CC-sharealike-attribution licence used by Wikitravel are only
> "morally compatible" i.e. they have basically the same intent (viral, free reuse,
> including making derivatives, is allowed, even commercially, if original is 
> attributed). But they are not legally compatibles for various reasons (I believe).
> Thus there has been talk of future versions of each licence being written in such a way
> to move towards compatibility.
> ------------------------------------------------
> Has Wikipedia ever claimed that Wikitravel is a licensed brance of Wikipedia?  As long as they are both safe, is it an absolute necessity?  What are the clauses?
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