[WikiEN-l] We need a policy to deal with new policies

julieharding1 at charter.net julieharding1 at charter.net
Fri May 5 21:14:51 UTC 2006

---- Fred Bauder <fredbaud at ctelco.net> wrote: 
> On May 5, 2006, at 8:56 AM, Mark Gallagher wrote:
> > "Wikipedia could be really cool, if only
> > it weren't an encyclopaedia."
> Truer words were never spoken. In fact, a number of alternatives to  
> Wikipedia have the possibility of being very profitable. THINK AND  
> GROW RICH... Just do it somewhere else.
> Fred

> That spelling of encyclopedia is exactly why Wikipedia is what it is.   Don't let the front door hit you on your way out.  There's plenty of other places on the web for you to get the kicks you're looking for.   If you're that eager, why don't you try and build up an online business such as this on your own. Then, you'll really find out how hard all of this is. 
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