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Fri May 5 22:39:44 UTC 2006

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Philip Welch wrote:
> On May 5, 2006, at 2:21 PM, Phil Boswell wrote:
>>>> It's not
>>>> as if those articles on Pokemon are taking up space which would
>>>> otherwise be
>>>> available for your own pet subject.
>>> Undue weight. It's absurd for Pokemon to have 10,000 times more
>>> coverage within Wikipedia as, for instance, 19th century philosophy.
>> {{sofixit}}: rather than bitching that there are too many articles  
>> about
>> something you don't like, try writing more articles about something  
>> you do.
> It's not about someone (me) liking one thing or another. It's about  
> objective importance and notability. Pokemon's influence even within  
> contemporary popular culture is minimal outside a devoted community  
> of fans.
>> We need to move towards an environment which will nurture the current
>> generation of Pokemon writers and help them mature into
>> 19th-century-literature writers at their own pace, rather than  
>> drive them
>> away to their own little Pokepedia and lose them forever.
> I have high doubts that such editors are likely to mature. It's more  
> likely that they'll turn us into Pokepedia, with only slight coverage  
> of the real world (appended, always, by every single reference to  
> such real world occurrences in TV shows and Flash cartoons).

I really don't understand why people have so many problems with Pokémon
articles.  If you're not interested, you don't have to read it.  I'm not
interested in the thousands of articles about random small towns, but
I'm not saying they should be deleted.  There's a bar for notability
that Pokémon presumably meets.  Each individual Pokémon is certainly
verifiable from any number of sources.  I agree with the other Phil ...
don't let the Pokémon piss you off, just ignore it and focus on writing
articles on other stuff you think is more important.

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