[WikiEN-l] Reply to Tony on advocacy - resend with new title

Steve Summit scs at eskimo.com
Fri May 5 14:22:45 UTC 2006

>> I thought it was a bit rude of you to essentially invite me to leave the
>> project with your "You're on the wrong project, mate."  However, since
>> you're known for your somewhat surly statements and lack of civility, I let
>> it slide.
> Really?  I thought Tony was best-known for his outspoken support for
> policy and the fundamental purpose of the project against all
> conflicting influences.

Sure.  But he can come off as being very surly and rude while he's
about it.

> He is right: the only two *rights* are to fork or to leave.  If you
> require any other rights to be extended you are indeed quite likely
> in the wrong place.

For what it's worth, this remark looks equally surly and rude.
I haven't followed the whole thread, but I saw Johntex's comments
about the inevitability of "politics" as being eminently
reasonable.  He wasn't demanding any rights; he was pointing
out a fact.

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