[WikiEN-l] blocked!

julieharding1 at charter.net julieharding1 at charter.net
Thu May 4 23:02:24 UTC 2006

---- Solo999uk at aol.com wrote: 
>Have you tried looking around at Wikipedia for an administrative name or contact that you can call to find out why you are being blocked?  What are you writing that is bothering them so badly?  If you have a problem with administration, then you have to take one step further up and go to supervising administration to make sure that everyone is being just and fair.  But be honest with yourself.  Are you sure there is nothing that would offend anyone in what you have sent?  If there is not, then take a deep breath, use the world wide web, and find a supervising administrative contact.  Everyone has a right to their own opinion, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

I have been blocked and not for the first time since joining wikipedia 10  
> days ago. 
> Each time I get blocked a different IP address is quoted and a different  
> false 'offence' cited which could not possibly concern me directly.
> Can you please help to sort ASAP.
> The blocker this time is 'canadian caeser'.
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