[WikiEN-l] AfD reform (was Re: We need a policy against vote-stacking)

Redvers @ the Wikipedia wikiredvers at yahoo.ie
Thu May 4 19:14:16 UTC 2006

From: Jimmy Wales
> So how should this work in practice?

How about tweaking the {{afd2}} template to force a
more rational line of conversation and debate? At the
moment, our AfD debates are free for alls. By forcing
a bit of structure onto the debate, might we be able
to being an end to *both* "NN, del" votes on one side
and the screaming for blood on the other?

The template could generate the following type of


[[User:Foouser]] proposes that this article be deleted
'''five days from today''' because:


Your opinions on this proposed deletion are
encouraged. Please give clear, well-thought-out
reasons for your thinking in this matter. Editors with
experience in this subject field are encourage to
identify themselves. This is '''not a vote'''; a
neutral administrator will weigh up the rough
consensus and '''make a decision based upon it and
other factors''' when this process has ended.



===Other options===

'''Note: Comments, rebuttals and discussion are
welcome on ''[[Wikipedia talk:Articles for
deletion/Foo]]'' but will be removed from this



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