[WikiEN-l] We need a policy against vote-stacking

geni geniice at gmail.com
Thu May 4 17:41:03 UTC 2006

On 5/4/06, Jimmy Wales <jwales at wikia.com> wrote:
> THEN, some admin comes along and says, gee, the vote is 27-3 to delete,
> but frankly, this bridge guy knows what he is talking about, so I am
> going to close it with a keep.

Not going to happen. There is no way you are going to get 27 people
who care enough to  vote delete. With they way AFD is currenly set up
any significant minority can have the articles they want kept kept in
most cases.

> So, what's our bridge guy to do?  Well, one thing he can do is go around
> to all the other bridgipedians (great word, huh?) and point it out to
> them.    Vote stacking?  Maybe, but don't we prefer that these bridge
> people come in and have a say?

He could contact the other people who voted on the AFD. Most of them
will be prepared to listen to reason.


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