[WikiEN-l] vote-stacking and userboxes

Ben McIlwain cydeweys at gmail.com
Thu May 4 17:22:06 UTC 2006

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Raphael Wegmann wrote:
> Hi,
> as everybody probably knows here, userboxes made vote-stacking
> und campaigning easy, since one can easily find the "right" people
> to vote on a subject.
> Maybe a technical solution to this problem is possible.
> What if a bot substitutes all userboxes on the user-pages?
> Maybe it's even possible to somehow "tag" a template,
> so it is always substituted? This could be used on warning
> templates as well.

It's honestly really funny that you should mention this today, because
if you check the pywikipediabot CVS logs for yesterday, you'll see that
I committed a change to the template bot that allows an arbitrarily
large number of templates to be substituted or deleted from an
arbitrarily large number of pages all in a single command.

> Of course this wouldn't eliminate vote-stacking at all,
> since one can still find the "right" people on various
> Wikiproject pages, but IMHO it's still a step in the right
> direction.

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