[WikiEN-l] We need to recognize that advocating is a basic right

Pete Bartlett pcb21 at yahoo.com
Thu May 4 16:35:32 UTC 2006

>> This is "advocacy".  Contacting people to recruit them to support you or to
>> act according to beliefs you think they may already have should rightly be
>> called "campaigning". This is a Good Thing.

>You're on the wrong project, mate.

Campaigning is integral to voting. Policy-making that tries to prevent
campaigning whilst accepting voting is doomed to failure (*). Minimizing the
importance of voting on the other hand is a good way to go.


(*) Well actually it might be a success, in the sense that it gives bored 
editors a whole load more to do in the Wikipedia namespace without 
having to do awkward hard work like looking up stuff to contribute 
to the encyclopedia :)

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