[WikiEN-l] Verifiability equating to notability

Gallagher Mark George m.g.gallagher at student.canberra.edu.au
Wed May 3 16:47:15 UTC 2006

G'day Steve,

> On 03/05/06, Philip Welch <wikipedia at philwelch.net> wrote:
> > Not that it's unprecedented for people on this list to be civility
> > hypocrites.
> Eep, let's chill, everyone, please?

I think he was making a joke (referring to Joe's problem of being accused of "hypocrisy").  If so, it was ... reasonably ... droll.  I guess.  Definitely unnecessary, regardless of the verdict.

If he was not joking, it was of course an unconscionable insult and I shall stand ready to defend Phil B's honour in a duel at dawn.  Smelly socks at twenty paces, Phil W!  Are you ready?



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