[WikiEN-l] Watchlist feature requests (was Re: Cruft)

Guillaume Paumier guillom.pom at gmail.com
Wed May 3 08:48:58 UTC 2006

Some of your requests are available through edition of your monobook.js.
Contributors from fr wikipedia have created javascripts to manage watchlist
easilly: for example, you can remove all articles from your watchlist, or
only subpages from AfD... you can also hide bots in your watchlist. You can
find this there :


On 5/3/06, Steve Bennett <stevage at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 03/05/06, Alphax (Wikipedia email) <alphasigmax at gmail.com> wrote:
> > How many articles are on your watchlist? Do /you/ check every edit that
> > appears on your watchlist?
> Until there are better facilities for managing watchlists, I don't
> think anyone can do that. I have close to 1000 articles on mine, and
> others have 5 or 10 times as many. I tend to find that using "my
> contributions" works better, checking any article for which my edit is
> not the latest.
> If anyone did feel like building some watchlist management tools, here
> are some requests:
> * Create a view which shows each article in your watchlist, sorted by
> the most recent change (unlike the current view which can show each
> article several times)
> * Add checkboxes to the previously described view, allowing you to
> rapidly unselect large numbers of pages from the watch list
> * Add an option to remove all pages which you have not edited in the
> last X days, or for which none of the last Y edits have been made for
> you.
> * Allow a way of bookmarking pages without actually "watching" them.
> That is, to record the fact that a particular page was interesting,
> without actually wanting to be informed of every change to that page.
> *On a watchlist view, provide a link to compare the current version of
> the page with the last version that you edited.
> Even a way to bulk delete *all* items from my watchlist would be
> better than nothing. So frequently I want to watch an article for a
> couple of days, but that's it. I end up with hundreds of articles I
> don't really have much interest in, but there's no way to prune them
> except by the very tedious process of unwatching them one at a time.
> Steve
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