[WikiEN-l] Verifiability equating to notability

Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Wed May 3 08:00:36 UTC 2006

Joe Anderson wrote:
> When I'm using the term listcruft it is not intended to offend the
> author. Look at [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of PS2 DVD9
> Games]].

I did and that deletion discussion is a catalogue of newbie biting and
nastiness of the kind which has given AFD its poor reputation.

You quote [[Wikipedia:Listcruft]], a personal essay, as if it were policy.
You have failed to note, furthermore, that the essay itself says that
holding a similar opinion should not be a *sole* reason for deletion...I
fail to see any other proffered by you or indeed any other "delete voter".

You then proceed to bite the newbie on the grounds that his request to keep
his article is his first edit to the Wikipedia namespace. Obviously this
will spur him on to edit that namespace further in the future, knowing that
he will receive such a warm and friendly reception...

You then say "IMO, listcruft is not uncivil"...well, I could make comments
about your appearance, your family and your personal habits...if they were
not uncivil "in my opinion", would that make them less offensive to you?
Once again, read the essay you quote as your justification for nomination,
which makes this exact point.

Quite frankly this nomination has made me quite annoyed, and I fail to
understand why you would open yourself to comment in this way...maybe you
simply cannot understand why anybody would be annoyed that their article
should be nominated for deletion on the somewhat shaky grounds of "I
wouldn't ever want to read it so get rid of it".
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