[WikiEN-l] NPOV majorities/minorities

Jossi Fresco jossifresco at mac.com
Tue May 2 20:13:19 UTC 2006

I would argue that as in most situations in which this issue is  
brought forward, it is related to controversial articles, due  
diligence of editors is required to make an assessment of these sources.

I do not think that the issue is the number of sources that support  
this or that POV. Minority POVs are easy to spot in most situations.  
A good debate about these sources and their reputability is due, and  
consensus hopefully achieved by involved editors.

Simple math will *not" make an article to reflect NPOV.

-- Jossi

On May 2, 2006, at 9:25 AM, Cheney Shill wrote:

> There still seems to be a great deal of ambiguity, even among  
> admins, as to what qualifies as a majority.  So here's a simple  
> example to evaluate as a starting point.
> *View Moo has 3 sources that support it.
> *View Bark has 15 sources that support it.

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