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> Rob wrote:
>> On 2/27/06, Matt R <matt_crypto at yahoo.co.uk> 
>> wrote:
>>>* "In White Wolf Game Studio's World of Darkness role-playing universe,
>>>was a leading member of the mage faction known as the Virtual Adepts." --
>>>[[Alan Turing]]
>> The latter two are obvious dumps, but I'm going to quibble about the 
>> first
>> one.  If a real historical figure plays a significant role in a fictional
>> work, that's probably worth at least a small note.  Not the more
>> important/famous figures (Hitler, Einstein, Lincoln) who show up in 
>> fiction
>> with regularity, but less famous people like Turing probably have only
>> popped up a few times.
> However, I feel that really depends on what the appearance is like.  If
> the character in the game was patterned on the real person, even to the
> extent that reading about the character might shed light on what the
> real person was like, then it might well merit a mention.  But the way I
> read that note, it sounds like the character shares little more than a
> name and a loose historical analogy with the real Alan Turing.

A very quick trip to Clusty reveals that it was indeed the real Alan Turing 
in an alternate history:
http://blogs.kwc.org/memorylane/symposium/resources/time.html -- see the 
entry for "2/17/1945 A.D."

Alas I am having difficulty figuring out where to place these references: in 
[[Alan Turing]] or some sub-article of [[Mage: The Ascension]]?
[[en:User:Phil Boswell]] 

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