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Mon Feb 27 17:00:14 UTC 2006

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> On 2/27/06, Steve Bennett 
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>> Am I way of base with believing that uncontroversial information
>> should just be left? Sources are nice, but if everyone agrees that the
>> information is correct, what is to be gained by removing it, or
>> bickering over the quality of the source?
> This seems to ignore the observable fact that, for some Wikipedians,
> deletion of articles on popular culture, or in common parlance,
> "cruft", is seen as an end in itself.  The strategy being followed
> seems to be to systematically raise the verifiability standards to
> exclude online sources, then denude the article of such sources, then
> move to delete the article on the grounds that it is unverifiable.
> Another technique is to browbeat those with whom one disagrees,
> repeating false claims that their opinion may be ignored.
> In short, the deletion process continues to be a disgrace and breed
> the worst kind of incivility.

Even better some clowns^Wpeople are now suggesting that since they have 
driven some webcomics off to Comixpedia, all the rest can safely follow 
is a fine example.

I find the nominator's habit of jumping all over every single keep vote (bar 
one AFAICT) rather offensive also.
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