[WikiEN-l] Appeal for community support

Fred Bauder fredbaud at ctelco.net
Mon Feb 27 13:57:10 UTC 2006

Correct, a holocaust denier will get rough treatment quick. The  
crimes of Communism, such as the deliberate attempt to starve the  
Ukrainian people into submission, while the Soviet Union was  
EXPORTING FOOD, as pointed out in The Black Book of Communism are  
whitewashed by point of view editors.


On Feb 26, 2006, at 10:29 PM, VeryVerily wrote:

> A user attempted to deny the history of the Ukrainian famine, using  
> the same
> discredited logic he always does.  I was blocked for trying to write
> accurately
> about this history.  That, is very wrong.  (I'm guessing a  
> Holocaust denier
> would
> not be so coddled.)

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