[WikiEN-l] Trivia and popular culture sections

Bryan Derksen bryan.derksen at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 26 19:05:32 UTC 2006

Ray Saintonge wrote:
> If the trivial information begins to overwhelm the "important" 
> information the better alternative to deleting the trivia is to add mor 
> important information.  The only disadvantage to that approach is that 
> it requires work.
As a work-free option (or at least _relatively_ work-free) one could 
instead split the article, putting the trivia into a dedicated article 
where it would be the main subject rather than just side trivia. 
Granted, this does require some mental effort in coming up with a 
reasonable subject for the new article - I doubt [[trivia about foo]] 
would last long. But I recently did this with [[Stargate SG-1]] when the 
trivia section started to become overwhelming, I split off [[list of 
Stargate SG-1 cast]] and the majority of the trivia section just 
coincidentally happened to be about casting so it went along with. :)

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