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Jake Nelson duskwave at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 18:34:57 UTC 2006

Guy Chapman aka JzG wrote:
 > [...]
> But a lot of it is trivial, in the sense of being far more detail than
> any user of a general encyclopaedia will ever need or want; to include
> it would make it practically impossible to separate out the genuinely
> significant items from Hooke's life [...]

I think this is less a question of including the information as one of 
structuring it. A lot of our more detailed articles could benefit from a 
bit of [[inverted pyramid]] structure (not taken too far, I'd hope- I 
hate when it gets overdone): First, a very basic summary in the pre-TOC 
intro paragraph; Second, a more thorough description of important 
achievements and explanations of notability, etc.; Third, a detailed 
in-depth study of the subject.

-- Jake Nelson
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