[WikiEN-l] Trivia and popular culture sections

Daniel P. B. Smith wikipedia2006 at dpbsmith.com
Sat Feb 25 22:53:03 UTC 2006

> From: "The Cunctator" <cunctator at gmail.com>

> What makes Wikipedia great is that it doesn't make the arbitrary and
> elitist distinction between high and low culture, but democratically
> includes information that its audience thinks is of interest.


But part of not making that distinction involves setting the same  
standards for verifiability regardless of whether the information is  
about high or low culture.

> People should be *VERY HESITANT* about removing information that
> others have added.

By calling it "information" you're begging the question.

If it's not sourced there's no way to make a reliable judgement about  
whether it IS "information."

My opinion is that it would be a good thing if people were a little  
hesitant about _adding_ unsourced material.

> Sourcing is critical but the "I'm going to kill it if it isn't
> sourced" is a philosophy that should be wielded with UTMOST care.

"Kill" is a rather strong term for "adding a {{fact}} tag, waiting a  
week or so, then moving it to the Talk page."

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