[WikiEN-l] Getting rid of userpages

Anthony DiPierro wikilegal at inbox.org
Fri Feb 24 19:34:08 UTC 2006

On 2/24/06, MacGyverMagic/Mgm <macgyvermagic at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2/24/06, Anthony DiPierro <wikilegal at inbox.org> wrote:
> >
> > I guess I just don't see what the functionality of userspace is in the
> > first place, if not to be used by the user as an expression of
> > themselves.
> >
> > I also think what's more likely to happen, if people *really* insist
> > on keeping their notes separate from everyone elses, is you'll see
> > things like [[Wikipedia:Bob's notes]], not notes thrown into the
> > article space.  Someone doing what you claim you would do would
> > quickly be banned.
> >
> > Anthony
> And if we get stuff like [[Wikipedia:Anthony's notes]], [[Wikipedia:Bob's
> notes]] and [[Wikipedia:MacGyverMagic's notes]] it would basically result in
> a massive shift of userspace material to the Wikipedia space. Userspaces can
> be useful in creating a community feeling as well as keeping notes. It's not
> to express yourself, that's not what Wikipedia is about. It's to create an
> identity for yourself so people feel comfortable working with you and for
> keeing project related material.
> As soon as you state you are "against the right to bear firearms in the
> United States", you're going to get people on the defensive, especially when
> you start to edit gun-related articles. The same thing goes for "pro- or
> anti-abortion" and loads of other subjects. It's okay to show your interest
> in the subject, but as soon as you show your views you are using Wikipedia
> as a soapbox which it's not (see WP:NOT).

See, this is where I think saying that you're against the "right" to
bear firearms in the US *is* creating an identity for yourself.  I
also think it facilitates working with people on gun-related articles,
if indeed you are the type of person who's capable of working with
others on gun-related articles in the first place.

Oh well.  Whatever.  I've had my say.  I don't really care enough to
talk about it further.


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