[WikiEN-l] Banned

Kat ** uniquegeek at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 23 23:49:13 UTC 2006

I moved and got this account December 8, 2005. I keep on getting banned 
because a vandal previously had this IP. My ISP's tech tells me I get a new 
IP every couple days. They lie. I told them they lie. They say it is not 
necessary to force me to a new IP (because this will be done automatically). 
I have tried releasing/renewing my IP on my machine, this does not force a 
new IP. I am pretty sure every time I edit, I am logged in. account: 
geekybroad, error: You were blocked by Hall Monitor Reason given: returning 
vandal, long term vandalism, warned repeatedly, *12th block*; have your 
system administrator contact me (see our blocking policy), IP address 
wikipedia says I have:, IP address whatismpip.com says I have: PLEASE DO NOT BAN ME SIMPLY BECAUSE I HAVE EDITED A PAGE! Take 
a look at my contributions, I am obviously not a vandal. --geekyßroad. meow? 
23:30, 23 February 2006 (UTC)

The last two times I have been banned, I saw nothing that could have caused 
this.  I know the last time for sure, I had just made a simple typo edit on 
two different pages. WHAM! Banned.

I've emailed Hall Monitor about the last two incidents but have not received 
replies.  I am still currently banned.

Please, please please tell me what to do to stop this from happening again.  
This has happened a few times, and I am getting really frustrated.


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